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INM Nails Out the Door Base Coat, Top Coats and Accesories Review

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Today I have the second half of my review for INM. I created this manicure using several INM products and Bundle Monster BM-XL07 and my BM silicone stamper. Check below for the swatches, macro, review of the products and video.

I'm going to be reviewing the Out the Door Clear Bond base coat, Out the Door top coat, Correctnail nail lacquer corrector pen, Curiosity top coat (not pictured), and the Ready Dry spray. 

INM Out the Door Base Coat and Top Coat

I started my manicure with a quick and easy layer of base coat. The Clear Bond base coat dries in a minute or so and it has a tacky feel to it. I applied 2 coats of Grape Escape to my nails, then topped with Out the Door top coat. I've used OTD lots of times and it works well on me. It dries quickly and shiny, it occasionally smears nail art if you're not careful, so I use it more to dry my base color quickly when working on nail art.

Correctnail Nail Lacquer Correcting Pen


The Correctnail pen is really nifty. I've used these types of cuticle correcting pens before but I wasn't a fan, they just didn't seem to work well. This pen has a felt tip and comes with 3 replacements. I found the formula of the actual remover inside the pen to be really nice, it quickly and easy cleaned up around my sidewalls and had a pleasant smell, it also left my skin moisturized. I will be using this when I'm doing a quick mani and just need a little bit of clean up or if I'm traveling. Much easier than taking an acetone bottle with me. I think it would be useful for anyone that has issues getting a clean line with a brush. Now if only it where refillable, then it would be perfect.

The Stamping


I then used Celine's Jelly Bean and...I think it's a succulent image (sorry, I don't know) from BM-XL07 to stamp.

Curiosity Weekly Top Coat


The Curiosity top coat is a new product from INM. It comes in an opaque bottle like a soak off gel but it isn't one. It's a "gel-polish hybrid", slightly thicker than a normal top coat. You can only apply it once your manicure is completely dry. It will dry on it's own in about 10 minutes to a really high shine and glossy finish. Now this top coat is meant to help your manicure last longer but I can't stand to wear the same nail art for more than a few days so below are my nails after 3 days of wear.


At an angle:


You can see it's still shiny although not a shiny as it was when I first applied it. I'm really rough on m hands, I bike a lot, I spend a lot of time outdoors playing with my kids, there's cleaning, my son is potty training so there's a lot of hand washed laundry to so, stuff like that. So to only have some tip wear after 3 days is kinda awesome. Normally I'd have large chips or entire nails peeled off. I consider it a win.

Now, it did smear my stamping just a tiny bit. You actually can't see it in real life and I only noticed it when I took the macro shot below.


Ready Dry Spray


Finally, the last product is the Ready Dry Spray. Since the Curiosity top coat normally takes up to 10 minutes to dry, I used the spray to speed up the process. You hold it about 6" away and spray a couple of times. It has a oily feel to it, as you can see in the picture my fingers are super shiny. It absorbs quickly and really does dry your manicure completely, not just to the touch, in a couple of minutes. My skin and cuticles were nicely moisturized afterwards as well.

Video Review

You can find these products at

Have you tried any of these before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
10 comments on "INM Nails Out the Door Base Coat, Top Coats and Accesories Review"
  1. Oooh that stamping looks perfect! I have used the INM holo top coat for years and I love it.

  2. Lovely manicure and colors! That corrector pen is very interesting!! It portability! Lol convenient! Great post ;)

  3. I have a cuticle remover like that pen. Acetone in it is brilliant.

  4. Wow, I'm going to have to try that corrector pen and the dry spray...And I love your mani. :)

  5. I've tried a correcting pen that didn't work well for me, but I need to try Correctnail! It sounds like it will work well for me.

  6. These look very impressive! And the prices are so reasonable.

  7. Very nice revie! I wish the correcting pen was refillable as well!

  8. Stunning mani, I have a corrector pen that I can't even get to work lol x

  9. I love this look, and the product review is awesome! I've used Out the Door frequently.

  10. I've tried out the door and wasnt a fan because it didn't dry fast enough, but I love their holo top coat.

    Also that stamping! It looks absolutely amazing! I want that on my nails!


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