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le Polish - Love Your Mother (Earth) Collection - Partial

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Well hi there "press sample" button! It's been a few months, I've missed you. I'm quite happy to get to use you again. Today I've got swatches of 3 of the 4 polishes in le polish Love Your Mother (Earth) Collection. These are crelly glitters inspired by a beautiful picture of Mother Earth that I'll link to below, named after some of the Greek goddesses of earth. I was very into Greek mythology as a kid and I love seeing a collection inspired by some of these lesser known goddesses. Swatches, macros, and a video swatch below!

The Inspiration

Teleidoscope 2014 - Mother Earth by DesireeDelgado on DeviantArt

Swatches and Review

All the polishes have a similar crelly glitter formula. Application is smooth and easy. They all dried slightly matte so I added top coat for shine. I'll make notes about the individual polishes beneath each one.






Gaia is the Primary Mother Goddess, giver of life to Earth, mother to Rhea. The polish is described by the maker as a deep teal full of green holo glitter, navy and gold flakes, representing the colors of Earth from the view at Mt Olympus. Swatch is 3 coats plus top coat. No issues to report. Self leveling formula, easy to apply. Color is less green than it photographed, not a true teal, but definitely a greenish teal and not simply green.






Rhea is a Titaness, mother to Demeter. The polish is a dusty purple with pink, lavender, and orange glitters with green micro-flakes. Swatch is 3 coats with top coat. This polish was the sheerest of the three but it still built up to opacity. Some of the lavender glitters look blue in the photos, just in case. This one had great glitter distribution and no fishing needed for any of the larger glitters.






Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, mother to Persephone. The polish is a spring green with pink, orange, and gold holo glitters and gold micro-flakes. Out of the 3 I got this was my favorite. The formula is nice and opaque, I could have gotten away with two coats, swatch is 3 coats with top coat The glitters are nicely and evenly distributed, there's lots of depth and dimension with the different sizes and colors. The base color itself is unique to my collection, since I don't wear greens that often. The only issue is that it stained my nails slightly yellow when I removed it. However, it was easily scrubbed out with a brush and whitening toothpaste.

Video Swatches

The Love Your Mother (Earth) Collection launches at on April 22 at noon EST. They will be available in full size (15 ml) and minis (7.5 ml - that's the size I received). Prices are $10 for the full size or $38.50 for the whole collection. Minis are $6 or $23.25 for the whole set. As you can tell from my swatches, the minis are a great size, they have full size brushes and caps.

You can find more swatches and info on this and other le polish collections at their Facebook page, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also join the le polish Facebook fan group, le polish lovelies.

What do you guys think about this collection? Any of them catch your eye? I have nail art done with Rhea that I'll be posting at a later date. 
8 comments on "le Polish - Love Your Mother (Earth) Collection - Partial "
  1. I adore the theme for this collection! These are so pretty!

  2. I love these, and I love le polish!

  3. I love this collection so much!

  4. Not a fan of Demeter - that looks a bit too much like pea soup to me, but I really like Gaia!!! And your swatches are quite lovely!

  5. Those look amazing on you and I loved your swatch video! Your nails are getting so long!

  6. Simply beautiful ♡

  7. I can't get over how perfect that green looks on you! Beautiful swatches.


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