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Untried Indies: Pahlish Snow Over the Rhone

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

For today's Untried Indies post, I'm sharing swatches, a review, and nail art for Pahlish Snow Over the Rhone from the 2014 Winter Collection. I've had this untried for over a year since I bought it during the initial release. It's a gorgeous polish so make sure you check below for all the pics and the nail art I did with it, plus the video swatch and tutorial. *Lots of pictures ahead*.

Swatches and Review




Snow Over the Rhone is a bright blue holographic polish with silver flakes. Swatch is 2 coats with top coat. Perfect smooth formula, easy to apply, no staining, dries quickly.

Nail Art





I wanted to do some blue on blue subtle stamping with it. I used Bettina Zircon Gems and UberChic  plate 1-01 with my Bundle Monster stamper. I top coated it with Pretty & Polished Swift Sparkle and then matted it with Wet n Wild Matte top coat. In hindsight, I shouldn't have done either top coats cause you couldn't see the stamping afterwards. Oh well.


The only negative thing I have to say about this beauty is that I have dupes in my collection. Ok, not exact same ones but very similar. You might remember this post about Noodles Nail Polish Fall Waters, only difference is the flakies in Fall Waters are more of the color shifting iridescent type and it has no holo. However the base colors are very similar. Then there's Pretty and Polished Sea Spay which I used in this mani, it has a scattered holo and no flakes but still, similar base color. Add to that at least 2-3 more colors that I own and have yet to swatch that are almost the same as well. Point is, I'm letting it go in my blog sale, it'll be $15.

So, thoughts? Do you own this color? What about the nail art, was it better glossy or matte? Let me know in the comments!
7 comments on "Untried Indies: Pahlish Snow Over the Rhone"
  1. Love what you did with this mani! Its hard to not have dupes of royal blue holos, I have quite a few but I still buy more purely out of habit. I'll keep my eyes open for your blog sale!

  2. Super. Beautiful, I love the blue on blue stamping!

  3. Pahlish can really do no wrong. This is stunning!

  4. So, so pretty! I like both versions, but I'm leaning towards the glossy one a bit more!

  5. Amazing colour and so me! Simply stunning swatch :)

  6. Love the nail art! Thank you for sharing! Cache is one of the essential thing you should know about the internet and your computer, how to clear cache


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