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Colorina Nail Lacquer - Swatches

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Colorina Nail Lacquer is a Puerto Rican brand of nail polish. I bought these sometime in 2014 cause I kept hearing about them on FB and wanted to check them out. I finally got around to wearing them this year so check below for my thoughts.



Fiesta is a gold metallic. Swatch is 3 coats with no top coat. It dries to a weird textured finish. I'm not sure if it's glitter or undissolved metallic pigment or what. Formula is also goopy and obviously very brushstroke-y. Not a fan. I originally thought it would work for stamping but it was not pigmented enough on one coat and although it did transfer to the stamper well enough, you couldn't really see it.




Principe Azul is a teal jelly glitter. It's got varying sizes of hex glitters in different shades of green and teal with gold microglitters. Swatch is 2 coats with top coat. Formula is very thick, it's not super easy to apply but I was able to dab it on and achieve opacity in just 2 coats. It will dry bumpy from all the glitter so I added top coat to smooth it out and get that squishy jelly sandwich look.

Overall I wasn't too impressed with these. I hated the formula in Fiesta and although Principe Azul looks very pretty, I have similar crellies with way better formulas.
4 comments on "Colorina Nail Lacquer - Swatches"
  1. That first one definitely has something odd going on, but Principe Azul is really pretty! Too bad about the formula though.

  2. Shame and the consistency as it's a pretty unique shade x

  3. The texture would drive me bonkers. I do like the crelly, but I hate a thick polish - takes the fun out of wearing it!

  4. I couldn't handle the texture. That's a shame the formula was so blah! I hate that.


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