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Orly Mini Swatches

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Back in 2014 during my "buy all the polish" phase, I got a bunch of Orly mini packs from TJ Maxx. I was in search of Orly Just Peachy. Anyone remember that? It was a beautiful, glittery peachy polish that Orly made and then for some reason only sold in limited quantities at discount stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Everyone went crazy searching for it. Then it turned out to simply be a rebottled version of SpaRitual Wilderness (which is made by the same parent company). Eventually, Just Peachy made it's way into the Orly mini packs and I bought a few. No shame. Anyway, here's some swatches of the minis.

Beach Cruiser




Beach Cruiser is a bright pink neon creme. Swatch is 2 coats.  Smooth and easy formula, dries shiny. It is way more bright and neon than it photographed.

Purple Pleather




Purple Pleather is a demi-matte polish. Swatch is 2 coats. Formula is smooth and easy to control, no patchiness or streakiness. Dries to a smooth, even, matte finish.

Thorned Rose




Thorned Rose is a red-wine high gloss creme. Swatch is 2 coats. Formula is smooth and easy to apply.

Viridian Vinyl



This polish dries to a demi-matte finish. Swatch is 2 coats. It had a very nice formula, smooth, not patchy or streaky. It dried quickly and self leveled to an even finish. The photos have been color corrected in Photoshop as best as I could since it didn't photograph remotely close to the actual color.




I suspect this is another rebottled/renamed SpaRitual shade since I can't find an actual Orly shade with this name. Swatch is 2 coats with top coat. It also has a smooth and easy to use formula. The top coat is what makes it look streaky. This one is also color corrected in Photoshop since it photographed as a bright shy blue instead of a dusty teal. It doesn't look dusty in the swatch photos either but at least it's more teal.

Do you have any of these Orly minis? What do you think of them?
2 comments on "Orly Mini Swatches"
  1. I only have a few Orly and love them. These mini bottles are so cute and your swatches are re gorgeous. That pink is lush x

  2. I used to have beach cruiser but that bottle is long gone now. Purple Pleather is lovely.


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