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Pretty and Polished - Bummer Summer - Swatches and Review

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Today I have the Pretty and Polished Bummer Summer Collection to show you guys. It's 4 polishes themed for those of us who hate summer. Ok so I don't hate it but as an adult it's not my favorite season. I do like the long break from school but I wish it were in winter instead. As I grow older the things that I used to love about summer I know really dislike, lazy days by the pool now mean being on high alert making sure the kids follow rules and don't hurt themselves. Quick beach escapes now mean packing a car full of things, food, towels, clothes, toys, blankets, chairs, umbrellas, etc. Playing all day outside now means forcing the kids to drink water, tons of icky bug spray and having to hear them complain about how hot it is and how they'd rather be indoor watching tv. You can't win. And don't get me started on buying a swimsuit...give me a large shirt and shorts please.

Anyway, enough about me rambling. Swatches, review and the video review below!

Not Enough Claritin in the World





Not Enough Claritin in the World is a white base crelly full of neon circle glitters and turquoise and magenta microglitters. Swatch is 2 coats with top coat. I love this one's name. I got lucky this year and I think I might finally not be allergic to whatever's in the air during summer in FL. I don't have allergies for the first time in forever. Very different from spring and fall where I felt I was going to die. I was taking Benadryl practically daily then.

Formula for this one is wonderful. No need to fish for any glitters. I was going to do my usual 3 coat method for crelly glitters but after I dabbed on the 2nd coat, it was opaque and self leveled so nicely that I didn't need to add the 3rd coat. You do need to use a really thick top coat or 2 coats of a thinner one if you want a super smooth finish You can see in my macro that just 1 coat will still leave some texture from the glitters.

I'm No One's Mermaid





I'm No One's Mermaid is a metallic teal with blue holo glitters and holo shimmer. Swatch is 2 coats with top coat. Formula for this one is a bit jelly like, but still easy and smooth to apply. 1st coat is a little patchy but it evens out perfectly by the 2nd coat. It does dry textured from all the glitters so you need to add top coat to smooth it out and add shine.

Swimsuit Shopping Sucks





LED light

LED light

Swimsuit Shopping Sucks is a blue jelly full of blue-purple-fuchsia color shifting flakes and holo shimmer. Swatch is 3 coats with top coat. Formula for this one was smooth and easy to apply. I really loved this one, it's got a purple flash from the flakes that's super gorgeous although it didn't show up well on camera.

Sand In My Crack





LED Light

LED Light

Sand in my Crack is a rose gold holo mircoglitter with pink holo glitters. Swatch is 3 coats with top coat. Formula is smooth and easy to apply. It dries textured from all the glitters, add top coat to smooth it out. This polish has a super pretty gold shine to it in some lights, then an intense holo flash in others.


While swatching I felt that some of these reminded me of older P&P shades so I wanted to add some comparison swatches.

Swimsuit Shopping Sucks reminded me of Just A Girl from the Icons Part 1 collection, however, the blue base color is different. It's also similar to Who's Wearing Short Shorts but the flakies are different and SSS has holo while WWSS doesn't.

In the macro bottle shot, Sand in my Crack looks really similar to Firework from the Icons Collection, which in turn looks similar to Don't Flake On Me. However, Fireworks and Don't Flake On Me are full coverage flakies that dry smooth, while SIMC is a microglitter that dries textured, similar to a Zoya Pixie Dust polish.  Also DFOM has a purple tone to it that Firework doesn't have.

Video Swatches

The Bummer Summer collection will be available on June 10th, 2016 at They'll retail at $8.50 each or $32 for the whole collection. You can follow Pretty and Polished on Facebook, Instagram, and join the FB fan group to keep up to date with the latest info and see more swatches.

I was sent these polishes for review.

7 comments on "Pretty and Polished - Bummer Summer - Swatches and Review"
  1. Swimsuit Shopping Sick is a beautiful blue. Flawless swatches of them all x

  2. I loved I am no one's mermaid . Beautiful swatch picures.

  3. I totally need Swimsuit shopping!

  4. Super cute! Great swatches!

  5. I thought I loved these when I swatched them...I just fell in love with them all over again looking at your swatches. Claritin is my favorite!

  6. I really love the theme. It cracks me up. Abd all of the polishes are pretty! I hear ya on swimsuit shopping. <3

  7. These are all so beautiful on you, I loved your swatch video and voice over!


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