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BBP - Whiskey Trio

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Today I have swatches and a review of the Bad Bitch Polish Whiskey Trio. These are part of the Liquor Cabinet Collection, which consist of 5 alcohol themed trios, each with a jelly and two glitters that you can mix and match for lots of different combos. The other trios are Gin, Vodka, Rum, and Tequila, they are being released throughout the summer. I have the Whiskey trio to show you guys, which consists of Whiskey, a yellow jelly; and the two mixers, Lemon and Cherry.





Whiskey is a yellow jelly polish. Swatch is 3 coats. It has a really nice consistency, not too thick or thin and is even in 2 coats. I added a 3rd to see if it makes a difference and it really doesn't. It's a jelly so it's not meant to be opaque. 





Lemon is a yellow glitter bomb. Swatch is 3 coats with top coat. This one can be easily built up to opacity on it's own since it has a yellow base color and is full of glitters and flakies. It also has a nice formula, not too thick or thin, really easy to apply.





Cherry is a red glitter bomb in a clear base. Swatch is 2 coats over Whiskey. This is a classic red glitter topper. You can layer it to opacity in 3-4 coats or using a sponge but I was not a fan of how it looked that way. I thought it looked best over a base color. Because of the clear base this polish is perfect for jelly sandwiches and other layering techniques, like glitter gradients. 

Bonus pic!


Here's what it looks like if you use all 3 polishes in a jelly sandwich! I used Cherry and Lemon in between 2 layers of Whiskey. This is just one of the many combos that are possible, especially if one adds in the other glitters or jellies from the other trios.

Swatch Video

The Whiskey trio will be available for purchase on July 8th. Price will be $9.50 each and $27 for the trio at www.badbitchpolish.comMake sure you're following BBP on Instagram, Facebook, and join the FB fan group for all the latest info and swatches!

9 comments on "BBP - Whiskey Trio"
  1. I love yellow jellies and this is a nice trio to combine!

  2. Personally I don't love yellow polishes, so of course Cherry is my favourite. Lemon is actually really nice too...despite my tendencies

  3. These are so great!! The formulas are flawless!

  4. the jelly sammiches are perfection here.

  5. I love how well these go together! JELLIESSSS

  6. I love the 3 of them together in the jelly sandwhich, so pretty!!

  7. Not one of my favourite colours, but there is something about it that's drawing me in x

  8. I like your jelly sammich!

  9. I really like how you paired the three of them together!


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