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Pretty and Polished - The Veils - Indie Polish Swatch and Review

Friday, July 22, 2016

Today I have swatches and a review for the newest collection from Pretty & Polished, The Veils. These are 6 thermal polishes that turn clear in warm temperatures. This means that you can layer them over any polish you want to create your own custom thermal effect. More swatches, the review, and video swatches below!
All of these polishes had the same exact formula. They are nice thin jellies, but not watery. One coat makes a lovely light shade, two makes them opaque, and three deepens the color. They dry matte, so all my swatches are with Pretty & Polished Swift Sparkle top coat for shine. You can layer them over any type of polish you want, although the lighter shades will need more coats in order to be fully opaque over darker base colors. The great thing about them is that they aren't thick or hard to use, so even if you have a base coat, two coats of your base color, then 2-3 coats of the Veils, plus top coat, it doesn't feel at all as if you were wearing 6+ coats of polish at all. These also work great for nail art, I tested them for stamping, vinyls, and water marbling. Essentially, they remind me of the OPI Color Paints, which are also meant to be layered over other colors like silver. You can wear these on their own, but keep in mind they will turn clear, revealing your "naked" nail underneath.

Invoke - Pink


Swatches are 2 coats of Invoke over Bettina Gladiola, a pale pink creme. Accent is done with Bundle Monster plate XL-209.

Sea Lore - Blue


Swatch is 3 coats over Bettina Enchanted, a sandy beige creme. For the accent I used the Lattice Stencils from YouPolish.

Presto Chango - Black


Swatch is 2 coats over Bettina Sand Blast, a pale gray. The accent is done with Bundle Monster plate S107.

Hexed - Red


Swatch is 2 coats over Bettina Sand Blast. For the accent I used star nail vinyls from What's Up Nails. 

Charmed - Green


Swatch is 2 coats over Bettina Enchanted, a beige creme. For the accent I used Bundle Monster plate S120.

New Order - Purple


Swatch is 2 coats over OPI L.A.M.B. For the accent I used X pattern stencils from Twinkled T.

Video Swatches



They water marble! I love the last macro of the water marble "gradient". These are Sea Lore, Invoke, and New Order over Orly Mirrorball. My middle finger is a double water marble because I ruined it and didn't feel like starting over so I dipped my finger again. I'm a little rusty with these, I haven't done any in a few months.

The Veils will be available Friday July 22 at

Some of the products in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and pictures. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are 100% my own.
7 comments on "Pretty and Polished - The Veils - Indie Polish Swatch and Review"
  1. I really need more thermal polishes. Really liking the shift in all of these ♡

  2. Ohhh they marble! Yep, I need. I'm in love with these thermal top coats. So dang gorgeous.

  3. These are all so freaking amazing!! I love everything you did with them!!

  4. I love your sea lore mani! I need to water marble with mine, that's amazing!!

  5. GAH!!!! These are fantastic!! I tried to use them to reveal the next collection, but they got too muddy in the transition. I was sad. I need to figure out some nail art to do with them. It's so hard since I'm not a nail art person. haha

  6. I love these and need to add more to my collection!


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