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BBP Stamping Polishes!

Monday, October 31, 2016
bad-bitch-polish-stamping guys...I'm rather excited today. 1st of all because it's been a while since my last post, but 2nd, because one of my favorite makers...and in my opinion the indie creme polish queen, is launching her own line of stamping polishes! I feel very honored that I got to test and swatch these. The initial stamping polish launch consists of 6 colors and for the most part they stamp really well over both white and black as well as work with a variety of stampers and plates. I'm going to share my general review and thoughts on the polishes as a group first, followed by the pics and any additional comments on the individual colors.

For my initial testing, I used each color with all the different styles of stampers I own; a clear stamper, the squishy soft Messy Mansion Carbon stamper (which is a jumbo style), a firm stamper, Bundle Monster stampers (large ones (soft and sticky) and regular sized (not sticky), the Creative Shop space stamper (which is super soft and sticky), and the Tiffany Blue UberChic large stamper (med-firm, non sticky). I used plates from UberChic, Pet'la, Bundle Monster (XL plates, small square plates, and the older rounder plates from pre-2014), MoYou London plates, and Born Pretty Store plates. Pretty much I used 1-2 of every plate manufacturer I have.

These are all with UberChic 1-01.

The polishes are all super rich and creamy, not too thick or runny. They work beautifully with the clear stamper, which for me, can be tricky to get it to work with some polishes. They don't dry right away so you have a bit more time to work on your placement. In general, I found them to be really easy to use and highly recommend them for anyone that's new to stamping.

*Note: There's some smearing on some of the swatches, that's 100% the top coat's fault. Remind next time to not use Out the Door to top coat stamping nail art.*

Let's Go Crazy


Let's Go Crazy is the perfect black creme. Opaque in one smooth coat and super pigmented. For my base I used 2 coats of Diamonds and Peals, which is the new BBP white.

Diamonds and Pearls


Diamonds and Pearls is the white creme of the collection. Swatch is over Essie Wicked. I just love how crisp the roses look!

When Doves Cry


When Doves Cry is a bright blue. Swatch is over Sinful Colors Prosecco. My bottle of this had a bit of Ugly Bottle Syndrome, but a lot of the other bloggers' bottles didn't. So just be aware that it might happen, however...don't let that stop you from getting this amazing blue! It stamps so well, and the color inside is not affected.

Purple Rain


Purple Rain is a purple creme. Swatch is over Sinful Colors Rose Dust. This is the only one out of the collection that isn't as opaque over darker colors (when compared to the other colors), but it's still very visible over everything else!

Polish Like It's 1999


Polish Like It's 1999 is a darker teal creme. Swatch is over China Glaze I Got a Blue Attitude. Despite being darker, this one still shows up really well over black and other dark colors.

Raspberry Beret


Raspberry Beret is a bright pinkish raspberry creme. Swatch is over China Glaze Wanderlust. It's probably just me, but Wanderlust takes 3-4 coats or 2 very thick I feel it makes my nails look super thick and bulky...but it's still a pretty color and goes nicely with Raspberry Beret so I didn't change it. This one also stamps really well over dark colors.

So...since I'm not a Prince fan I didn't get the references at first. I knew 2 of the colors where Prince songs so it got me thinking and I actually Googled the rest...I see what you did there Britt...very creative polish naming.

Anyway, these will be available for purchase on November 4th over at Minis will be $4.50 and full size will be $9.50. (And if anyone reading this feels that's a lot for "simple cremes", let me tell you from experience...making a good indie stamping polish is not easy! Anyone can make a 2-3 coater creme, but it takes a lot of pigment and time to make a 1 coater stamping polish that's smooth as butter...and Bad Bitch Polish had done it!).

Make sure you're following BBP on Instagram, Facebook, and join the FB fan group for all the latest info and swatches!

I was sent these polishes to test and in exchange for an honest review. 
13 comments on "BBP Stamping Polishes!"
  1. Those all look wonderfully opaque. I will keep BBP in mind the next time I need to pick up stamping polish.

  2. Gorgeous stamping and polishes. And how perfect is the Prince theme! ❤️

  3. These look beautiful <3 I love the manis you created with each one x

  4. Holy moly!! These are gorgeous! Definitely makes me wish I stamped.

  5. Stamping is one of my favorite things to do so I'm always excited when I see good reviews for opaque stamping polishes. I will definitely pick up a couple of these. Incidentally, what is your favorite non-smearing top coat when you stamp?

  6. Purple Rain, I love it!

  7. Oh wow! These look SO good and crisp.

  8. Oh my goodness, these are perfect! And that damask print, oh my. I need these!

  9. These are awesome! And your stamping is perfection!

  10. You really can't have enough stamping polishes, and these look utterly stunning ♡

  11. I really do need more stamping polishes and these look like the work so well. Great review!

  12. I am all about the stamping polishes lately.


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