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Pretty and Polished Winter Collection Nail Art Review

Friday, November 18, 2016

Hi guys! So, since Chelsea knows how crazy busy I am with getting ready to launch my line of stamping polishes, she sent me 5 of the new colors from her winter collection instead of all 12. And...since I knew she had a ton of amazing bloggers providing her with gorgeous swatches (which I'll link below)...I decided to do things a little differently. I took my time and created 5 different nail art looks with the polishes I got, wearing each for 1 day before moving on to the next. I am personally pleased with how these came out and I really enjoyed the more relaxed swatching pace. I think I might keep it up this way. As a funny note, you'll see how my nails get longer by the last swatch since I didn't want to file them until I was done. Scroll down for more pics and the review!

Rocks In My Snowballs


First of all...look guys! My coffins are back! My nails have finally recovered from the brutal assault they suffered when I started making polish in July. I had not realized how much pure acetone and alcohol I'd end up using and how harsh the exposure to pure polish base would be. I now wear gloves and I had a hard gel overlay for about 6 weeks and now I'm back to my natural nails sans overlay. On to the polish!

Rocks In My Snowballs is a white crelly with white, gray, and black glitters of various sizes. Swatch is 2 coats with 2 thin coats of Out the Door Top coat. In my opinion, no one does glitter crellies better than P&P. They are self leveling, easy to apply, and full of glittery goodness. Rocks In My Snowballs is no exception. I applied it in two easy coats. I tried a different technique than my usual 3 coats for crellies. After the 2nd coat I applied 1 coat of top coat and while that was a bit dry but still smudge-able, I really carefully and lightly patted down all the glitters, making sure they all laid perfectly flat. Then I did the stamping on the accent nails and applied top coat again to all my nails. The result was a perfect, full coverage, and smooth to the touch glitter polish application.

For my nail art, I went with a monochromatic look using M Polish Cayuga (black) and Iron to double stamp an image from Bundle Monster plate BM-S105 using their semi-squishy silicone stamper.

Shameless Sugarplum


Shameless Sugarplum is a light pink crelly with gold and pink shimmer, and with blue, pink, and purple glitters. Swatch is 3 coats with 1 coat of Out the Door topcoat. I couldn't get the base for this one opaque on all my nails in 2 coats, so I went with 3 just to be extra sure. I did the same thing as with Rocks In My Snowballs, gently patting down the glitters. Then I used Bad Bitch Polish Raspberry Beret to stamp an image from UberChic plate 3-02 with the Messy Mansion clear stamper. I did *not* add a 2nd coat of top coat for this one. This polish is super pretty, I love the shimmers!

Spike My Cider


Spike My Cider is a light brown holographic base packed full of brown holo microglitters, creating a beautiful bronzy holo look. Swatch is 2 coats with 1 coat of Out the Door top coat. Formula for this one is excellent, easy to apply and although it feels slightly textured and matte when it dries, 1 thin coat of top coat is all you need to bring out the shine and smooth it out. For the nail art I used Pretty and Polished Pine Over Me (dark green Dusty Creme) and lattice stencils from You Polish.

Throw Some Glitter On It


Throw Some Glitter On It is a full coverage glitter in a clear base full of pinks, purples, blues, oranges, coppers, and a scattering of color shifting flakes. Swatch is 2 coats-ish with 2 coats Out the Door. The best way of applying this polish is by sponging it on. I applied one thin coat, and then sponged on a 2nd coat for full opacity. In my other nails, I first applied 2 coats of Creme de la Creme from the fall collection, and the using the sponge I created a gradient effect with the glitter. This one will feel textured from all the glitters so I applied 2 thin coats of OTD top coat to smooth it all out.

Removal was a bit hard on this one. It took about 5 minutes of soaking my nails with an acetone covered cotton ball to get it all off, which is still 4 minutes longer than my usual removal time. I highly recommend using a peel off base coat or simply knowing beforehand that you'll need to spend some time soaking with acetone.

Brisky Business

Brisky Business is a dark blue to purple multichrome polish with color shifting flakes. Swatch is 3 thin coats with OTD top coat. This polish is stunning. Like most multichromes, it was hard to capture all the shiftyness on camera in one shot. I always feel like bloggers with longer nails can really get some amazing shots to show off the shift, since there's more space and curves. I still love them dearly. Formula is nice and smooth, opaque in 2 coats but I did 3 to really make sure I could get the most shift possible. Multichromes do best in either 1-2 coats over a darker color or in 3 coats. I love the added flakes, it gives the polish a bit of a copper/orange flash in the right angles. For the nail art, I paired it with M Polish Bronze, using the clear Messy Mansion stamper and an image from MoYou London Pro 02.

The 2016 Winter Collection is available now at The whole collection is $90 for the 12 piece full sized polishes and free shipping. Otherwise, glitters and crellies are $8.50, Dusty Cremes (which I didn't have, sorry guys) are $7.50, and multichromes are $9.

Here are all of the awesome bloggers who got this collection to review, some have the full collection and others partial. Please check them out and leave them a comment!

Be Happy Buy Polish (partial), Snack On Rotation (not a food blog, lol! Dianna has the full collection), Two Girls One Blush (partial), Ramblings of a Subscription Addict (partial), and My Lacquer Cabinet (partial). I'm sure there might be more I've missed so my suggestion is to join the FB fan group, Feeling Pretty and Polished, so you can see all the swatches and share your own! Group members get 15% of their orders with a special code, otherwise you can use "mama10" for 10% off right now or...wait till Thanksgiving Week when P&P will be having a ton of sales! Stay connected with P&P on social media (Facebook and Instagram) so you can stay up to date on all the latest info and sales.

Pretty and Polished sent me these polishes in exchange for an honest review. Other polishes and products featured in this post where purchased by me for my own personal use.
9 comments on "Pretty and Polished Winter Collection Nail Art Review"
  1. Spike My Cider is such a pretty brown. Beautiful swatches!

  2. The stamping with Brisky Business took my breathe away! Gorgeous colour combination and stamp image choice!

  3. Spike My Cider is absolutely stunning. I loved this whole collection!

  4. Great collection. I like how you showcased them with stamping.

  5. I love every manicure you did with this collection, but the one with Spike My Cider jumps out at me! I love the pairing with the green.

  6. that stamping you did over the pink is so graceful.

  7. Love your stamping over these. True glitter overload x

  8. I really love what you did with Spike my Cider!

  9. So so beautiful, your nail shape is just perfection! I can't get over the black stamping over the gray crelly!!


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