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BBP - January Duo Swatches and Review

Thursday, December 29, 2016

*Press Samples* Today I have swatches and a review of the January Birthstone Duo from Bad Bitch Polish, Garnet Galaxy and Gosh Garnet. Each month in 2017, BBP will be releasing a duo inspired by that month's birthstone. January is Garnet and although they do come in different color variations, Britt chose the more common deep red as her inspiration.

Supermoon Lacquer Swatches and Review

Friday, December 16, 2016

Hey guys! I realize it's been pretty much a month since my last post and I doubt anyone is still reading. Today I have swatches of two polishes I bought from Supermoon Lacquer. I've gotten to know Mardi, the creator behind the brand over the past few months and her Black Friday sale was the perfect opportunity to try her polishes out. But first, let me tell you a tale about my nails. You'll notice I have two different shapes in the collage above. I've had every intention of posting once a week and then I find myself without any time to paint my nails, much less blog about it. It's been crazy busy for me since Thanksgiving. I swatched the polish on the left pretty much the day after it arrived, about a week after BF. My nails where coffins and growing nicely. And then one broke. No biggie, patched it up. Then the patch ripped off, taking a whole chunk of nail with it. 😭 I think another nail went and broke after that one...I dunno anymore, I just went ahead and filed them all down. So I swatched the polish on the right last night, still wearing nails are squovals again and I give up. I think, with my current lifestyle (aka busy mom working from making polish), the only way I'll be able to keep the coffins is with an hard gel or acrylic overlay. And I've seriously thought about going to a salon and getting a professional one but I'm afraid they'll mess up my nails. I had been doing the hard gel myself but it is too time consuming until I get a better LED lamp. And I'm lazy and keep forgetting to order one plus I spend all my money nowadays on polish making supplies and leggings. I had been so happy in my last post that I had my coffins back and now sad. Anyway, they'll grow back. On to the polish.

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