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Water Marble Heart Gradient Stamping

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What's up readers?! I know...I know, it's been forever since I last posted. I promise you I am not abandoning this blog. I've been crazy busy working on the stuff that's on mah nails in that pic above! It's taken months of testing but they are finally ready! Presenting...Moonflower Polish! A 5 Free brand of handmade, small batch, stamping polish! All done by moi. I mix, I pour, I package, I mail it to you so you can make awesome stamped manis and other nail art...except water marble. But you can fake it with a water marble stamping plate like I did! Read on for more info below.


For this look I used Turquesa (teal), Violeta (purple), and Rosa (pink) with a Bundle Monster Semi Squishy XL Silicone Stamper and the BM collaboration plate with Sloteazzy aka BM-XL210. I started off with a white base using Moonflower Polish Día, on my index and pinky I created a gradient with a sponge. For my ring and middle nails I used the 3 colors to create a gradient on the plate and transfer to my nails!

I will have more swatches and a "tips and tricks" sorta post soon! I can't offer an unbiased review since I created the polishes but I do have several wonderful ladies reviewing them. Check out, you can find the links to all the reviews under the "Swatches and Reviews" page. If you like what you see, the polishes are now available for sale...but only for a few days as part of a pre-order so hurry! Once I fulfill all the pre-orders there will be another restock, so no worries if you need to wait. These will be around for a while! Please follow my Instagram and Facebook for swatches and any updates!

Disclaimer: Normally I'd label this type of post as a "press sample" except that in this case, I made the polishes so I didn't receive anything or exchanged anything... so... I dunno. Promotion? Purchased by me cause I bought all the supplies? Point is, I'm just showing off the polishes, I obviously think they are great.
11 comments on "Water Marble Heart Gradient Stamping"
  1. This is so freaking cute. I saw Moonflower Polish pop up a couple of places but I never put it together. I love what I'm seeing from your brand so far!

  2. Gorgeous gradient stamping!!

  3. This is a gorgeous nail art design!

  4. Whoa! Congrats on the reveal of your brand. I love the end result.

  5. This is a beautiful stamping and so hard to perfect as a true marble. Believe me I've tried so many times! Stunning polishes ♡

  6. The stamping is amazing! Congrats again!

  7. These all look fabulous Nadia (and from other posts as well...I need all the colors!) Congrats! I missed the pre-order, but I will be ordering a set as soon as you open back up!

  8. Congrats Nadia! This stamping is beautiful and the collection is overall outstanding!

  9. These look absolutely incredible! Congratulations on your line, you did such an amazing job!!

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