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BBP Stamps Pt 2 - Pastels - Swatches and Review

Thursday, March 30, 2017

*Press Samples* Today I have swatches and review of the Bad Bitch Polish Stamps Pt 2 collection, the pastels. The BBP Stamps are Bad Bitch Polish series of stamping polishes, the pastels set consists of 6 colors, named after springtime flowers.

 In terms of formula, they are all the same. While a bit on the thinner side when compared to other stamping polishes, they are still very opaque, especially over black. I had no staining or difficulty removing polish from my skin. Since I originally swatched these in the middle of the "4 year old with broken arm" drama (for pics on that story: here and here, and as an update, he's still in a cast but doing much better and back at school), I was pressed for time and simply swatched them all over 1 coat of BBP Let's Go Crazy (black), topped with a gel top coat, then stamped on top without top coating again. I used 3 different stampers: the Bundle Monster red xl silicone stamper (soft-semi-sticky), the UberChic Tiffany Blue non-sticky stamper (med-firm), and the Messy Mansion Carbon stamper in black (very soft and sticky) with the Bundle Monster plate BM-S112.

Spider Mum - a pale green creme stamping polish.


Zinnia - a coral-y orange creme stamping polish.


Lilac - a pale lavender creme stamping polish.


Primrose - a sweet yellow creme stamping polish.


Dusty Miller -  a light bluish gray.


Bluestar - a light blue creme stamping polish.


The BBP Stamps pt2 Pastels are available now at They are $10 each, and $57 for the set of 6. By the way, my daughter absolutely loved these and she did a mani with Lilac and Bluestar, alternating the colors and stamping. I didn't get the chance to take a pic but she's 9 and a beginner stamper. They were super easy for her to use and they only took 1 coat when used as the base color.

I received these in exchange for swatches and an honest review. Make sure you're following BBP on Instagram, Facebook, and join the FB fan group for all the latest info and swatches!
9 comments on "BBP Stamps Pt 2 - Pastels - Swatches and Review"
  1. These stamp really well! I'm going to have to remember that the next time I need new stamping polish.

  2. that pale lavender is perfect for spring. And summer...and fall. Probably winter too.

  3. Love how these really show up over black and stamp so well ♡

  4. I love seeing your stamping manis, yours are always so crisp and clear and definitely show how well polishes stamp. Love!

  5. So opaque! I will need to throw some in my next order!

  6. Great stamping swatches. I loved this collection!

  7. Great colors and they stamp so nicely!

  8. You did such a fab job reviewing these, your swatches are lovely!

  9. I really need to add these to my collection!


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