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Arctic Fox Hair Color - Review

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Today I have another fantasy hair color post! I tired out Arctic Fox Hair Color in Aquamarine, Poseidon, and Transylvania, was it worth the hype? Read on to find out! This really will be a short and simple review as the process was pretty straight forward for me, I didn't take that many pictures. I actually did this way back in March but I didn't get the chance to post it until now. My hair is actually a different color now.

So if you have been following me on Instagram you might remember that I've had teal hair for a while, almost a year. My natural hair color is very dark brown, almost black even, so I do have to pre-lighten my hair with bleach prior to applying the fantasy hair color. I will cover that process better in an upcoming post. I had been using Ion Color Brilliance Bright Semi Permanent Hair Color in Sky Blue and Aqua. They did work great and the color lasts a long time without having to touch it up with the Overtone conditioners, however, they permanently stained my hair blue. No matter how much I lightened it, I still had a greenish-blue tint to it. I already knew I wanted to add some purple and reds to my hair eventually and it wasn't going to work with stained blue hair. So I went ahead and decided to try out Arctic Fox hair color mainly because both of their blues have a different blue pigment than the Ion does (Blue 15), which is the stainer.


I purchased Aquamarine and Poseidon in the 8 oz size, and Transylvania in the 4 oz size. I mixed equal parts of Aquamarine and Poseidon in a mixing bowl, and then in a separate bowl a small amount of Transylvania and Poseidon for my roots.

Blurry cell phone shots but you can see that I had pre-lightened my roots prior to applying the hair color. I also used a clarifying shampoo for a few days prior in order to fade and strip as much as the Ion dye as possible.

I applied the Artic Fox Hair Color and left it on for about 2 hours. Rinsed it off and styled.


Check out the 1st pic in the post for the other "after" shot. My final thoughts? The result was definitely much brighter and intense than the Ion colors. I did have to touch it up with the dye about 3 weeks in, and I continued to use the Overtone conditioners to maintain the color in between touch ups. I probably wouldn't buy the 8 oz bottles again, unless you have super thick or long hair. I still have plenty of hair dye left and I've used a lot of it since this post. I still have enough for at least 6 more months of coloring my hair, or maybe even more. Currently I'm not even coloring it as often cause I'm at home all day and rarely go out. The hair dye has a nice smell to it, an Amazon review said it smells like grape Kool-Aid and I would say that's pretty close. It does leave your hair very soft and moisturized as the dye contains conditioners. It's vegan and cruelty free, although it does contain soy protein, which is something to keep in mind if you or anyone in your family is allergic. It does seem to be gluten free though, which is why I'm guessing they went with the soy instead of wheat...I think it's a strengthening and moisturizing ingredient. I don't know much about the chemical composition of hair color, since I'm not a chemist, but I do know that wheat or soy proteins are used in nail polish strengthening base coats.

Anyway, I purchased my bottles at I was not compensated in any way for this review. Let me know your thoughts, have you used Arctic Fox Hair Color before? Did you like? Hate it? Did it work for you or fade super fast?
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  1. I knew about the method but didn't tried it worried about if anything goes wrong. Thanks for writing the post and now I can easily try and change my hair color easily.

  2. Poseidon and Purple rain have been suggested to me So i can toney hair silvery by essentially diluting them down with white conditioner. Just how pigmented are they? I don't want to accidentally go blurple

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