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DIY Unicorn Hair Tutorial

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

In today's post, I'm going to show you how I do my current unicorn/galaxy/peacock inspired hair. It's actually really easy as long as you're already familiar with dyeing your own hair. For this look, I used products from Ion Color Brilliance and Arctic Fox hair color that I purchased myself.

You need to start with very light blonde hair, as pale as you can get it. Otherwise the purple won't be that will visible and will fade faster. I wanted a sorta violet shade so I mixed equal parts of Ion Color Brilliance Brights hair dye from Sallys in the colors Magenta and Purple. I used an empty tub and also added some conditioner, to dilute the color and make it easier to apply. The Ion hair dye tends to be more of a paste and adding conditioner makes it smoother. For the blue (not pictured cause I forgot), I mixed Arctic Fox Aquamarine and Poseidon (which I reviewed here).

Awkard angles with a double chin...yeah. I mean, I'm 33 and I have 2 kids, there's some curves everywhere, plus I've always had a short neck and rounded cheeks, even when I was 100lbs and 18. Anyway, you're going to want to  divide your hair mainly into two sections, the top is purple and the bottom blue. It helps if you're hair is cut into layers, otherwise you might not see the different colors that well. I did 6 sections to help me color the front.

Leave that in for an hour or so, wash it off in cold water, make sure you follow up with a deep conditioning treatment, style and ta-da! Unicorn, galaxy, whatever hair!

I think the whole process took about 2 hours and cost me way less than a trip to the salon. Plus I can touch it up as needed since I have plenty of dye left over. Since I originally did this in June, I can now tell you that it lasted about 2 weeks before the purple faded to a light reddish-violet. The blue lasts longer and that faded to a silvery blue in about 4 weeks, at which point I redid the whole thing. This time around, I didn't get any Overtone conditioners to match the purple/violet because I'd have to buy a free different tubs to match the color and that's more than I can spend right now. It's more cost effective for me to mix up the dye with some of my own conditioner and re-do the color that way. It's not as good as Overtone, but it works. And next time, I'll show you how I do that.
4 comments on "DIY Unicorn Hair Tutorial"
  1. Oh boy, this is a very daring thing to do with your hair. I am just wondering, how would you maintain this color and how would you take care of them. Is there any post dying effect?

    1. I've been meaning to write a post on how to maintain it, I took pics of the process but forgot to take pics of the "After" and now my hair has faded again. Basically, you have to re-color it every few weeks. It will fade, and how much and how fast really depends on how often you wash you hair, if you shower with cold water, expose it to sunlight and other factors. In my case, it fades in about 2-3 weeks. You can buy color maintaining conditioners from Overtone to deep condition your hair every week and keep the color vibrant or you can make a DIY version (which is what I do) of like 25% dye and 75% conditioner of your choice.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a nice tip. Tutorial is easy to be followed. Hair do is my all time favorite hobby and i think it's most of the girl's hobby.

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