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INM Glow in the Dark Nail Polishes

Thursday, October 19, 2017

*Press Samples* Hey everybody!'s been a while hasn't it? I keep doing this. I don't mean to, I have every intention to keep blogging, I have loads of polishes to swatch and tons of nail art ideas and tutorials, what I'm lacking is time. But gosh darn it I'm determined to keep it up. Why? Because when I don't I go back to biting my nails. This blog and responsibilities to other makers and brands are the only thing holding me accountable. To make a long story short, we had Hurricane Irma come through this area, and that was incredibly stressful, and then Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico (and if you don't know, that's where I'm from), and that was even more stressful and heartbreaking a whole lot of things. The end result was that I started to pick at my skin and bite my nails. So that's where we are right now, trying to grow them back again. In the meantime, here's some cool polish.

INM sent me their latest collection, Glow in the Dark, which is simply a a set of 5 glow in the dark neon polishes. I'm not an expert at getting glow in the dark shots so I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of glow my camera was able to capture for these, although some glow more than others. For the most part, they have a thin jelly formula that needs 3 coats to be somewhat opaque. Overall, I recommend using a white or similarly colored nail polish as a base layer and then applying a coat of these for the glow. They work best as a special effect topper kind of thing. Keep in mind that my nails are super short so anyone with longer nails would probably have a more noticeable free edge aka visible nail line. One last thing, some of these had some pigment settling in the bottom (similar to UBS but not with white), but a good shake mixes it back up easily and you're good to go.




Up first is Angler, a sky blue glow in the dark crelly polish. Swatch is 3 coats with INM Curiosity top coat. This one was the most opaque and had one of the strongest glows. It glows a bright green.



Firefly is a pale yellow jelly polish. Swatch is 3 coats with INM Curiosity topcoat. Firefly had the strongest glow, a super bright green. This is what I would consider a typical glow in the dark polish or topcoat of sorts. It's very thin but it has a very intense glow effect.




Foxfire is a super bright neon green jelly. Swatch is 3 coats with INM Curiosity topcoat. Foxfire also had a pretty strong green glow, although my camera didn't capture it as well.



Glow is a coral neon jelly. Swatch is 3 coats with INM Curiosity topcoat. I really like the color but it had the weakest glow of them all. I had to edit the dark shot in Photoshop to get some of the glow to even show up.




Jelly is a super bright neon pink jelly. Swatch is 3 coats with INM Curiosity topcoat. It has a bright orange glow, much brighter than my camera captured.

Out of all of these my favorite was Angler, it's a pretty blue color and not something one would expect to have such a bright glow in the dark effect. These are available right now for $3 at You can find INM on social media on Instagram and Facebook and with the hashtags #inmnails and #inm.

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