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Glow in the Dark Marble Stone Nail Art

Monday, November 6, 2017
Moonflower Polish Noche

Hey guys! I've got more nail art today. I was sent the Glow in the Dark collection from INM Nails a few months ago and I really wanted to do something cool with them. I also recently purchased the super cool Dixie Plates Marbled 01 stamping plate and it occurred to me that some glow in the dark marbled stone nails would be interesting.

INM Nails Angler - glow in the dark polish
 To start out I painted a white base on my nails. Next I created a "watercolor" effect with INM Nails Angler and Foxfire glow in the dark polishes. As I mentioned in my review for these found here, these polishes have a thin, jelly like consistency that made them perfect for this technique. Usually I would create this sort of effect with a sponge or by smooshing the colors on my nails with a stamper. However, because these colors are thin, they behaved a lot like real watercolors, so all I had to do was place drops of color on my nails and gently spread them around with the brush tip, so they sorta blend. Let them dry and repeat 3 times. The final result is not thick at all, since I'm not plopping on a bunch of polish, just a bit. Top coat and wait for it to dry.

Moonflower Polish Silver
Next step was to stamp an image from the Dixie Marbled 01 plate, using Moonflower Polish Silver, and then layer over that another image from the same plate with Noche. (It just occurred to me that it would have also looked cool to do the stamping in between the layers of the glow in the dark jellies, since they are translucent, it would have added more depth. Let's add that to the "to do" list.) Final step was Out the Door topcoat and clean up.



Due to the white base, the glow was really intense! If one treats the INM Glow in the Dark polishes like jellies instead of plain sheer polishes, the nail art options expand. You can have glow in the dark leadlighting, gradients, watercolor backgrounds like these...I dunno! I just loved the final result. The Dixie plate was also a breeze to use, I'll definitely be doing more designs with it. Check out my video tutorial below to see exactly how I created this look.

Video Tutorial:

The INM Nails Glow in the Dark collection is available right now for $3 at You can find INM on social media on Instagram and Facebook and with the hashtags #inmnails and #inm. I received the polishes as press samples in exchange for a review.

Dixie Plates Marbled 01 was purchased with a blogger discount from Lantern and Wren. Use my link here for a 10% discount on your purchase, only for 1st time buyers, discount applied at checkout. Moonflower Polish is my own brand of 5 free handcrafted nail polish for stamping, nail art, and regular wear, available at and Noche is also available at Lantern and Wren.

9 comments on "Glow in the Dark Marble Stone Nail Art"
  1. Absolutely stunning and the way you captured that glow is amazing ♡

  2. Such a cool plate! I love marble nails.

  3. This is absolutely amazing! I also got that plate and need to break it out. How cool to pair it with glow in the darks!

  4. I've used this plate SO many times, I absolutely love it! This mani came out so well, and it being GITD?! YEEES

  5. What a great idea! I love them!

  6. These look AWESOME! You totally cannot tell that that is a stamp!

  7. Wow wow! Gotta find this nail polish for Halloween, it must be fun! If you want to check your internet connection or change wifi password, all the tutorials needed are available on with full instructions.

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