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Pahlish Fairy Frost - The Great Untrieds Challenge

Monday, January 22, 2018

It's 2018 and I'm doing a new thing. How are you? Is there anyone still here? I've been busy, my nails are in a sorry state due to several factors like cold weather and making nail polish. I have barely painted my nails in the past few months...yes...months. It's so sad. Anyways...I have a lot of nail polish, I thought I had over 1k at some point but I've been slowly destashing. During the time Florida was dealing with the effects of Hurricane Irma I realized that if I had to leave my home, knowing there might not be anything left when I came back, there really wasn't a single bottle of polish I would take with me. Maybe 1, cause it was a custom gift from a friend. I'd take my supplies and the bottles for my own brand if I had the time and space, or rather I'd put them somewhere safe and hope for the best but when it comes down to's just nail polish and I have more than a person can wear in a lifetime. Which brings me to my next point. I spent the past few days going through and cataloging them, which I had never done and I'm proud to say that I am now down to somewhere closer to 800 bottles. But that is still a huge amount. Most of them are untrieds, that means I bought them and have never worn them other than to swatch them on a stick, and some not even that. I have bottles I bought in 2014 when I started collecting indies that I've never used. I can't with that. That's not who I am.

So...I know I've done this before and failed but here's attempt #2, the Great Untrieds Challenge. 1 new polish everyday, or every other day, starting with the stuff I bought in 2014, all untried. I'll still do product reviews and nail art tutorials, you'll find most of those on my YouTube channel (click on it!) probably once a week or so. I need to paint my nails every day, it's the only way I don't bite them. My nails are a super short mess right now and I'm trying to fix the damage I've done to my sidewalls, more on that in another post. Point is, if I don't paint, I bite. So what better way than a new untried polish every day?


Today's polish is Pahlish - Bespoke Batch in Fairy Frost. Originally described as a turquoise blue jelly with a mix of platinum flakes and ultra fine holographic silver glitter. Swatch is 2 coats with topcoat. It's pretty opaque for a jelly, which is nice. There was a little bit of staining on dry skin during clean up but nothing too bad.

6 comments on "Pahlish Fairy Frost - The Great Untrieds Challenge"
  1. That is suck a beautiful blue. I really should try to shop my stash more often and I think I'm going to have to now that I'm on a serious low-buy.

  2. Sometimes it does take a catastrophe to realize what's really important! My polish collection would definitely not be at the forefront of my mind if we had a big earthquake.

  3. I like how this looks layered! It’s so sparkly

  4. This is beautiful. Great swatches.

  5. Blue us by all time favourite colour and this is gorgeous ♡

  6. this looks like a night sky!


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