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Moonflower Polish Diamante - Supernatural Lacquer Varulfur - UberChic 24-01 - Simply Silver Stamper

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

 I have the feeling like I've technically done this look before, the holo over multichrome I mean. Not that I particularly care if I have anyway, also too lazy too check. I say this often but the truth is I have no time. So, here we go, untried challenge again.






My untried polish today is Supernatural Lacquer Varulfur, which was part of a werewolf themed duo with Supermoon Lacquer.. I wanna say sometime last year. The polish is pretty but...not blew my socks of spectacular. (Fellow makers, don't get mad at me for saying this. I'm trying to maintain the whole "honest unbiased reviews" thing. I was a blogger and nail polish aficionado first.) It's a purple to blue multichrome with hints of reddish gold...maybe copper. It also has some microflakies. My problem is that I like this color combo in multichromes a lot, so I tend to have a few of them. And as far as multichrome pigments go, there's really not much you can do to change them, other than to add stuff to them or try to alter the base color a bit for some different subtle effects.

Formula is thin and sheer, which can be typical of multichromes as you get the best effect by painting it on in thin layers. For the swatches I did 3 coats, with glossy topcoat. I had a hard time capturing the extreme reddish copper end of the shift on camera, but it's there in person.






I stamped over that with Moonflower Polish Diamante, from the new Gemstones collection. Diamante is a silver holo, and there's not much I can say about it. One, cause it's my own creation so I obviously think it's great. Two, because I feel it's just a straightforward silver holo stamping polish. There's a few out there, so I made mine a bit darker just to make it different enough from all the rest. I really hate when I dupe another maker, even if it's accidental, so I always try to avoid it. So no, M Polish fans, this is not going to replace your To Have and To Holo that's almost out. I can't do that to Megan. This is just another alternative. Besides, she might come back some day, you never know.

Formula on Diamante is a bit on the thinner side, just cause that's the best way to make a holo polish. If you add too much pigment you lose some of that amazing rainbow holo flash. Anyway, I used the Simply Silver Clear Stamper from Lantern and Wren as well as their detail brush to fill in the triangles in the larger pattern. Stamping plate is UberChic 24-01. These days I get most of my nail art supplies from Carleigh so I definitely recommend checking out her shop here.

Video - I recommend watching the video above all, so you can see Diamante in action. Thanks for reading, watching, following me on social media, and all that stuff.

The boring stuff...unless otherwise indicated by the phrase "press sample" all products shown in this post were either purchased by me or made by me. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook! Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Moonflower Polish is my brand of indie stamping polishes. You can follow our social media here: Instagram, Facebook.

Orly Oui - Moonflower Polish Noche - Dixie Plates - Untried Challenge - Nail Art

Monday, October 1, 2018


Today's untried polish is an oldie. I'm not even sure when I got this, 2014 or earlier. Which in the nail polish world, makes it old I guess. Anyway, this is Orly Oui, a purple jelly packed with gold mircoflakes and I feel like...some shimmer that shifts red-green a bit? It's hard to capture on camera but I can definitely see the hints of red and green amongst the gold. Maybe the microflakies themselves shift gold-red-green. I dunno. It's pretty but...the formula...not my favorite. It's rather sheer and watery, yet still opaque in 2 coats cause it's so packed with the flakies.



I stamped over it with Moonflower Polish Noche, using an image from Dixie Plates DP02, purchased from Lantern and Wren.




I really struggled to get a good macro of the nail art so I'm sorry that it's still slightly blurry.

The boring stuff...unless otherwise indicated by the phrase "press sample" all products shown in this post were either purchased by me or made by me. Moonflower Polish is my brand of indie stamping polishes.

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