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Bettina Neptune - Random Number Nails

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Saturday's Random Number Nails were picked by my husband, his number choices led me to Bettina Cosmetics Neptune. This is a super pretty matte indigo polish but the formula is the absolute worst. It's lumpy and dries so fast you can barely spread it on your nails. I ended up having to do very sloppy, large coats that covered all my nail surface, and then clean it up. That also ended up being a problem because it's also really pigmented. The end result was that I needed to use a lot of acetone to clean up, and since my skin is dry from all the hand washing, you can see where the polish stained and clung to those dry spots. Even after all that it was still looking like a mess, so I had to use topcoat to smooth it, and then apply a matte topcoat.

If I ever decide to wear this again, I'm thinking I'll try to sponge it on or use it for nail art since it is super opaque. Other than the stained skin, it does look really pretty on nails.
2 comments on "Bettina Neptune - Random Number Nails"
  1. Gorgeous colour and love the finish :-D

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