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Neon Smoosh & Stamping - Moonflower Polish Summer Neons - MoYou London Pro 02

Thursday, May 7, 2020


Blogger changed some stuff behind the scenes and I am not liking it. Bleh. Anyway, I mean to post this earlier in the week since I actually did these last week but my kid has been hogging my laptop for days on end. In his defense he hasn't been feeling super great so he's milking it for all he's got and getting extra computer time so he can play Roblox all day. Ok on to the nail art! I used polishes from my brand Moonflower Polish and a stamping plate from MoYou London. Details below.




Ok so this is a relatively super simple mani that simply looks more complicated than it is. First I started with a smoosh mani using Moonflower Polish in Lemonade (neon yellow-green), Sprinkles (neon magenta), and Electric Slime (neon green). You'll notice there's hints of orange in there and that's just from Sprinkles and Lemonade mixing together in the smoosh. Although I do have a neon orange (Summer Sunset) I didn't use it for this mani. Once that was dry I follower up with an image from MoYou London Pro 02, stamped with Noche (my 1 coat black). I finished it off with 1 coat of Sassy Cats Lacquer's Purrfect Matte topcoat (which was sent to me as a press sample). And that's it. It's hot already here in Central Florida so I'm feeling summery already. Expect more neon and summer inspired looks to come!
3 comments on "Neon Smoosh & Stamping - Moonflower Polish Summer Neons - MoYou London Pro 02 "
  1. Gorgeous nails :-D

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  3. So beautiful colors and design!


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